What Experience has Taught Us

If you pay attention, there’s a lot to be learned by being in the same business for more than 30 years.

One critical lesson is the importance of people over technology. We believe the role technology is enabling our people to be better at human communication skills. Technology should not be racing to replace people. So our people focus is on recruiting and training. Our technology focus is on client data security and training our people.

There’s nothing artificial about the intelligence we’ve gained from 30 years in the contact center business.

In-Class Training

Most of our trainers developed from Team Captains and Operations Managers who demonstrated a talent for helping others succeed. This allows them to provide a balance of professional training methodology and current real-world tools and techniques. Our best-in-class in-class training creates a truly engaging and effective learning environment.

One-on-One Coaching

This is the interactive exchange of ideas with an emphasis on continuous improvement to provide our communicators with the all the brand knowledge and inspiration they need for your business success.

Our LMS Platform

Our Learning Management System (LMS) is a proprietary platform to facilitate self-directed learning for all Team Members at all levels. It runs on our secure internal network and covers onboarding, client/job-specific webinars, general customer care workshops and more. All Team Members are encouraged to plot an Optima career path and use the LMS to upskill their way through it.

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