Optima has more than 30 years of continuity and growth. Continuity in client relationships and in our staff. We believe this is unique in the contact centre business. Let us show you what this continuity means for you.”

DON MACLEOD – President

Who We Are

Founded in 1992, Optima is a business services provider specializing in complex customer service outsourcing with a focus on utilities.

Over the years, Optima has developed a reputation for excellence. We have built the most loyal and long-standing group of client relationships in our industry. These include five major utilities with customer bases as small as 60,000 to over 1,000,000.

Today we handle millions of customer contacts annually, including 3,000,000+ for electricity and water utilities clients alone. We operate as both sole service provider and as compliment to in-house resources. We offer on-site, hybrid, and work from home service models.

Obviously, solutions for each client vary according to their specific needs. But what every client gets is a committed Optima team that builds and maintains optimal relationships from the moment customers or prospects pick up the phone, open a web-chat, or send an email. We continuously build on our success by learning from each day’s customer interaction.

100% of Optima staff is located within North America.

Our Mission

Optima Communications is dedicated
to being the best at delivering optimum results
through quality customer contact
with value-added servicing to a select a group
of long-term clients.

What We Do

We deliver world-class customer interaction through 150+ different services, saving you up to 50% savings in customer service costs compared to in-house options.

24/7 Service Outage Support

Credit Reference Letter

Disconnect / Reconnect Meter

High Bill Inquiry

Self Serve Requests

Manage Master & Satellite Meters

Smart, Suite & Bulk Meter

Customer Connections

Move In / Move Out

Landlord Agreement

Conservation & Demand

Account Portal

First Party Collections

Pay Plan

Payment Arrangement

Low Income Customers

Escalation Management

General Inquiries,
Commercial & Residential

Contact Us Emails

Live Chat

Online Move Exceptions

Streetlight Outage

…and many more

Transfer Funds

Bill Reprints

Credit Reference Letter

Issue Refund

Payment Tracking

Key Accounts


Write Off Accounts

Undo Estimates

Locate Meters

Returned Mail


PAD (Pre-Authorized Debt)

Bank Unidentified Payments

Aged Credit

Charge Backs

Billing Exceptions

Equal Payment Plan Setup

Billing Adjustments

Exception Handling

…and many more

Business Service Channels

We are omnichannel






Benefits of Outsourcing

  1. Up to 50% in cost savings compared to in-house contact centre model.
  2. Easy, timely scalability with virtually no limits.
  3. Reliable service levels with outstanding customer experience.

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