What Does 30+ Years Get You?

It gets you deep general knowledge and it also leads to industry specialization. Optima has become a specialist within the regulated industries of financial services (primarily banking and insurance) and utilities. This focus is an obvious benefit to clients in similar regulated industries, but it also provides real benefits to prospective clients in many other industries and categories.

Benefits of our Specialization

  1. We recruit and develop staff to become licensed Life, Property & Casualty sales agents. We can train our people (or recruit new ones) for virtually any industry, whether it involves technically-complex products & services, or not.
  2. Our financial services clients have required us to deliver bank-class security, in both technology and procedures, for 30 years. Optima can provide the same level of security to all clients.
  3. Regulated industry clients demand extreme vigilance in written correspondence and ongoing fulfillment. They also require a strong administrative back office and payment processing. Optima provides this service level to our current clients. Any business—including yours—can benefit from it.

Our Services

In the simplest terms, we help clients find, connect with, retain, and grow relationships with customers through interactive channels and multiple touch points.

We provide a seamless customer experience while maintaining brand continuity. Behind the knowledgeable content of each interaction is constant appreciation expressed to your customers, and the conscious building of your customer relationship. The end result: we drive profits to your bottom line, while handling the challenges and costs of delivering world-class customer interaction.

Technical Support

Contract/Subscription Renewals

General Customer Support

Specialized Fulfillment
& Written Correspondence

Customer Surveys/Research

Front Office Admin

Back Office Admin

Database Services
& Analytics


Prospecting/Lead Qualification

Appointment Setting


New/First Sale



Customer Recovery

What Our Clients Say

“Optima is a true partner, seamlessly integrating as part of our operations, with a drive for performance that consistently exceeds expectations.”

Director, Customer Care Division, major Canadian energy utility

“I have heard many outsourcers use the word ‘partnership’ before, but after working with Optima, I truly believe that they are 100% committed to what is best for our company!”

VP Sales, Canadian telecommunications company

“We’re committed to customer service that is straight-forward, human and knowledgeable–that’s what Optima delivers day after day. And for years now.”

Senior VP, major Canadian bank

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