Team Members Talk!

“I’m often asked to describe the typical Optima Team Member. There isn’t one. Meet Kristen.”

SHEILA H – Optima’s Talent Acquisition & Development Manager
KRISTEN W – Program Coordinator, Combined Insurance, Optima’s Whitby office

“Many individuals have their own interests and talents, with or without education provided. Mine led me toward creative interests: novel writing, digital art(s), social media content creation, etc. When I started with Optima, I viewed the contact center as a new world. At first, I was faced with an unknown, not certain where my talents might lead me in the new environment.

Thankfully, Optima provided a wide range of advancement opportunities for continuing growth and knowledge. I believe knowledge is a powerful tool to acquire. Therefore, from my starting point with Optima, I leaned into training and then I progressed through multiple roles to my current title. This journey came with new experiences and understanding I can apply—regardless where I am now or where I end up next.”